Help / FAQs Profile Blaster
  1. What is Profile Blaster? Profile Blaster is a powerful service which enables you to promote your Profile to 100's of matching prospects on in a cost-effective manner.

    All you need to do is provide us your desired match criteria and we will search for matching prospects on and send your Profile to them.

    You can even choose to include your contact details so that Members can contact you instantly if they find your Profile suitable.
  2. How does Profile Blaster Work?

    It's simple. You just need to follow the two steps below.

    Step 1:†Purchase Profile Blaster through our Memberships section

    Step 2:†Complete your Profile Blaster settings by providing your desired match criteria and contact information. We will then send your Profile to Members who match the criteria specified by you.
  3. Why should I subscribe to Profile Blaster?

    If you want to instantly reach out to 100s of Profiles that match your criteria and let them contact you, then Profile Blaster is the service for you.

    The Profile Blaster service allows you to include your contact details (phone number and email) in your Profile. This allows Interested prospects to contact you directly.
  4. How do I know whom my Profile has been sent to?

    We do not reveal to whom your Profile has been sent to for privacy concerns. However we do update you about how many matching prospects have received your Profile.

    This update is present in 'My Profile Blaster' page under My Shaadi.
  5. Is there any configuration/ settings required for Profile Blaster?

    Yes. After purchasing Profile Blaster you need to provide your desired match criteria and contact information (if required) within 48 hrs.

    The Profile Blaster service gives you the flexibility to specify a custom preference and a contact number/email that is different from that contact information mentioned in your Profile. Other Members on will not be able to see this new contact information.

    However if you do not provide us with the Preferences within 48 hours of order activation, we will assume your Partner Preferences as your desired match criteria and proceed to send out your Profile to prospects matching that criteria.

    Also, in certain cases where contact details are not verified earlier, we may need to verify your contact details before sending out your Profile.
  6. Why should I include contact information in my Profile?

    We suggest that you include either your phone number or email so that Interested prospects can contact you immediately.

    However, it is not mandatory to include contact information.
  7. Why should I have Verified contact details for the service to start?

    It has been made mandatory to send out only verified contact details (email / phone number) to manage responses and to manage the user experience on

    Verified contact details ensure that Members who reach out to you actually are able to contact you.
  8. What do I do if I want to send my Profile to more than 200 Members at once?
    Profile Blaster is enabled to send out your Profile to a maximum of 200 Members in one shot. If you want to send your Profile out to more Members, you need to purchase Profile Blaster more than once, depending on the number Members you want to target e.g. If you purchase Profile Blaster twice, it enables you to send your Profile to 400 matching prospects on
  9. Is my Profile sent out to all 200 Members at once?

    No, we send your Profile at intervals, as and when a Member matching your desired criteria registers on This is done so that you donít lose out new Members and also helps you manage your responses better.

    It usually takes less than a month to send out your Profile to all 200 matches.
  10. How long is Profile Blaster valid?
    There is no validity period attached to Profile Blaster. Only when we complete sending your Profile to 200 matching prospects, your service stops.
  11. My photo is password protected/ Visible to only Premium Members/ Visible on Accept. How do I maintain my privacy in this service?

    In Profile Blaster we encourage our users to upload their photograph so that they can get quick responses to their Profile. Hence, in the effort to provide maximum good responses we choose to display your photo in the Profile Blaster email that goes out.†

    Nowhere else on the website do we change your photo privacy settings.
  12. When can I expect a response from Members who have received my Profile?

    We will start sending out your Profile along with your contact details to all active Members on who match your criteria, as soon as you complete the settings and your Profile Blaster gets activated. Members who have received your Profile will contact you if they find your Profile Interesting.

    The simplest way to guarantee a quick response is to include your contact information in your Profile.

    Here are some other tips that you can follow to maximise responses to your Profile Blaster:

    • Add photos to your Profile
    • Update your Astro / Horoscope Info (some Members are particular about it and would like to match horoscopes before deciding to you contact)
    • Provide as many details as possible in your Profile
    • Ensure that your 'About Me' is comprehensive and well-written
    • Provide a broad enough match criteria so that we can find a sufficient number of suitable matches for you.
  13. What should I do if I receive an abusive email or phone call in response to my Profile?†
    Please lodge a complaint with our Customer Relations immediately. Alternately you can also Block the Member and Report his / her Profile for misuse.